BOXED STARS - How to use the website

Who can join, how and why?

Anyone from age 12 upwards can register on Boxed Stars for free. You must be 18 or over to make money from it though. But if you’re a minor, you must have a parent’s PayPal account and have their supervision while going live.

You need to register with the website in the first instance . Then after verifying your email you will be good to go.

How do I show my talent off?

This can be done by posting a video to the platform. It will then be available for anyone with internet connection to view.

We do not accept any videos of a sexual nature or inflammatory nature. Please familiarise yourself with our Community Guidelines and our Terms of Services before starting to post content.

Content Creators

Content Creators, once you have joined Boxed Stars and start to post videos and interact, your videos will be viewed, liked and disliked. Viewers will be given the opportunity to give your individual videos a star rating out of ten. Feedback is useful to enable you to tailor your future content to your followers.

Streaming Live

Boxed Stars gives its content creators the opportunity to stream live and to make money from doing so. You will need a PayPal account to do this.

Here is how it works:

We use a credit-based system on PayPal. When users purchase credits, 100% of the payment initially goes to Boxed Stars.  The reason for this is so the content creator’s livestream is honoured to the subscribers. But, if a subscriber watches a video for 5 credits, the content creator will earn (80%) of the 5 credits. Boxed Stars commission will be the other (20%). There is no limit to how many credits the creator can charge for their service.

Rates:1 credit = 50p, 2 credits = £1.00, 5 credits = £2.50

Content creators will not directly get the money into their account instead they will earn credits. For example, if a content creator has earned 100 credits, now he can request for a withdrawal which would be £50.00.

The content creator will send notifications to their followers that they’re going live, and then set their rates. After that, it’s up to their followers to purchase the credit’s so they can watch their livestream.

Premium Videos

Another way the content creator can make money, is if their video has gone viral on Boxed Stars, the creator can set it up as premium content so anytime a subscriber sees it and wants to watch it, they must pay. The maximum you can set a video for is 5 credits = £2.50.

Another easy way for content creators to make money is by bringing their fans from their personal social media sites to come and watch them perform live.

In the dashboard withdrawal tab, the content creator will send a request to Boxed Stars admin that they want to withdraw. The website admin will review the request and organise the payment via PayPal to their PayPal account. The credits will then be deducted from the content creator’s account.

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Updated October 2023.